Wayfayrer have been busy in 2020 working hard on four new recipes for their range of outdoor meals. The development chef’s at Wayfayrer searched far and wide to come up with new and exciting flavour inspirations. Which resulted in an exciting line-up of new tasty meals for the 2020/21 season. These include Moroccan style stew, Korean style beef & rice, Coconut chicken curry and Chocolate brownie and salted caramel sauce.

At the forefront of the new range is Moroccan style stew, which is a North African inspired dish and it represents the first ever vegan entry into the Wayfayrer line up and has been produced to meet the needs of the growing vegan market in addition to the increasing number of consumers who are looking  simple and easy ways to reduce their meat intake.  This is then followed by more world food inspired flavours such as Coconut chicken curry & rice, which is a mild and fragrant Thai inspired dish for curry lovers. Then for those that like something a little more…spicy, then there’s the new Korean style rice, which is a Asian inspired rice dish with a spicy kick for those cold days on the hill.

Saving the best till last as the phrase goes….is the all new pudding addition which sees Wayfayrer launch a deliciously on trend Chocolate brownie with a salted caramel sauce. This scrumptious pudding when heated, turns super gooey on the inside and it’s the perfect feel good treat after a long walk or climb.

The new line up of meals are available in store nationwide at your local outdoors chain or independent outlet. Stock up for your next adventure and take a taste of the new Wayfayrer range of ‘Real Food for the Great Outdoors’.