Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can eat our meals cold, however, for best result warm up on a camping stove, as a hot meal always tastes better and helps to warm you through.

We have a vegetarian curry & rice and vegetarian chilli con carne in our range which are both suitable for those consumers who are on a meat free diet.

Our chicken curry & rice is suitable for Gluten free diets.  Look out in store for the Gluten Free Symbol on pack.

Currently our meat based products are not Halal. However, our vegetarian lines are suitable for halal diets.

All of our main meals are designed as complete individual portions and where possible, we aim to use a balanced mix of protein and carbohydrate. Across the range, Wayfayrer  meals deliver an average 400 calories per pack for main meals and breakfasts, whilst our puddings can exceed 600+ calories per pack – which can provide a much needed energy boost, as well as being a well deserved treat on those long walks and climbs.

We recommend that our meals are transferred into a pan and heated through on a camping stove, for the very best experience as this allows you to taste, smell and heat the food to your exact requirements.

Alternatively, you can heat the meal within the packaging by placing the pack in boiling water on a camping stove – then heat for 7-8 minutes.

All of our meals are gently cooked in large pressure cookers (called a retorts) that use a combination of high pressure and steam to sterilise the food inside the pouch. Each meal is cooked inside sealed packaging, which helps ‘lock in’ the flavour and keep the food fresh.

Our foil pouches are designed to keep the food safe from elements that may spoil the food inside, such as oxygen and light. Our military grade pouch blocks out these elements and combined with our sterilisation process, ensures we can provide great tasting, sustainable food with 3yrs shelf life.

Unfortunately, at this moment in time our packaging is not yet recyclable. We ask our customers to be mindful of their environment and ask that they dispose of any used Wayfayrer packaging in a responsible manner.

MRE stands for ‘Meal Ready to Eat’ and it is a term used to describe pre-cooked food suitable for use outdoors. Typically associated with expedition, military and camping food. Unlike ‘dry’ rations MRE’s are ready to serve hot or cold.

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